Villages are locations thats avalible in  Goldie Spirits Hatterzone.They are gradued for 1-2 grades each.

All VillagesEdit

Rameen High ( 1)Edit

The first Village, Its not only a school, but its have a outdoor place thats have monsters and monsters!Oh and after  being Grade 7, you must go back to...Graduate!But school adventures do not end.

Valafy Ladoratory ( 2-3)Edit

The magnific Valafy Observation Village but theres a lot of war sinces its owned by the Turlus , the war gods

Death Golren ( 4)Edit

The forest of death, war,scars,nigtmares thats no one like.

Port Gradensia (5)Edit

The Beatiful port with beatiful fontains and water campements.Also you can visit other islands!

Illumine Palace (6)Edit

The Illumine palace is the Castle of Spells with the largest royality.Be aware the Vampons are destroying the whole royality.

Shine Gold Campement (7)Edit

The Shine gold Campement  is the last Village and the biggest, All the Shines Gold are there!

Hidden VillageEdit

The Hiddens villages are villages that you can access in Port Grandensias by finishing the first Port Grandensias dunjeons.

Pickle Island (5)Edit

A weird island shaped like a pickle thats have the biggest traveling companies.

Vuugano Royalities (5-6)Edit

A fire island with 2 Big Royal Kindom who rule all over Hatterzone Continent, the Kingdom of 2 Moons and the Kingdom of Spirits.

Iklet Village (5-7)Edit

A big island near to Collaber city, but with the phenomenal danger to live here with the frightful Bonkazoid Academy .

Bonkazoid Academy VillagesEdit

Having a Royal Demon Forces pass or a Gold Royal Demon Forces pass will give you access to the Bonkazoid Academy,one of the two rivalizing academy of Rameen High.

Deadly Campus (4-5)Edit

A campus where people get stuck with the dark forces of Bonkazoid

Kirilee Magic Class Assignement (5-6)Edit

Welcome to the Magic Class Assignement!You will pass only if you kill the Raaleeiskuyss, a dragon who control all the elements!And the students are about to cut you with their magic!

Romain Castle (6-8)Edit

The most creepy, ugly and fiery castle of all Collamber!Ya girls do not have to fall under Romains beauty!