The Unlocking Items are items that you need for Unlocking all characters, they are also another way to unlock the Character besides the Unlocking quests.

List of itemsEdit

Main article: List of Unlocking Items

Where are avalibleEdit

They are available at the Premium shop at every store except Rameen High, for the cost of 1,000 Platinum Coins  for every character . They cannot be available with Gold Nuggets, only be available once, and cannot be traded/selling/throw out. To throw out them you need an Eraser.

Pet adoptingEdit

Pets can be adopt here also but there's a difference between the pets here and in the Pet Shop . Like, the pets in the Pet Shop are adopted with Gold Nuggets and do not come with anything. The one at the Premium Mall are in a Pet Set, comes with pet food and the pet have his special skill and its come with Enchantement Potions.