Way of the Dark is Tairion feature.

How its works?Edit

Tairion have a additional bar thats represented with  4 skullheads with a candle on the head.The bar is called Grimoire Bar.The Grimoire bar is used for trasformate Tairion into the Dark Master

Dark Master FeatureEdit

The dark Master Feature is the trasformation of Tairion.The icon is a black heart with a sword that pierces the heart.When the icon is bigger enough to use its contoured by a bright blue with a green +. To make the icon bigger enough to transform you need to full all the grimoire bar.

Fulling the Grimoire barEdit

How to full the grimoire bar?

By making skills, a skull icon will float above you, this icon is the meaning you have collect the Way for the dark, the Grimoire Bar skulls gonna light and gave you 20% of your health, and 10% of your remaining mana.By getting these a skull gonna be happy, and you gonna have Bonus 25, 2 skulls bonnus 50, 3 skulls bonnus 75, 4 skulls bonnus 100.

Affection to other charactersEdit

Perfect feature for Juliothorius beacause they have slightly physical defense,Instead,Dapleteens (exept Faymon and Sayn) are pretty resists to this feature becomes a big defect