In Febuary,7th the first Goldie Spirits song will be relased and will be named Shine Gold.


In a farway land,

Mysteries from a trick,

Always put the track in the end,

We will never be seperated...

Shiiiiiiiiiine, let me go 2x(only the "let me go" is repeat)

Shiiiiiiiiiine, let me go in the trick!

Shine Gold, Shine Goooold x2

Shine Spirits, let me go in the way for be powered in the light!!!!!!!

Shine Gold, Where are you!

I search you since a thousand years!!

She is light

He is water

She is Rage

He is Poison

Like a mix

Of a million elements

This is Why


Shiiiiine, let me go (2x)

Shiiiine let me go in the love

Shiine Gooold! I found you

And i love you

You will complete my live in a mission!