Not be confused with the high school 

The Rameen High village is the first village in Collaber city, its have the High school with all the teachers and games and a village with monsters and dungeons.

The high SchoolEdit

The High School doesn't have any monster and  chansing fields, only classes and the Lodges. At the classes, tests can be maked, to win prices and even uncklock Characters.

The Lodges are your "house" where you can relax, see news and modify it, you even have a training room where you can test  your skills and combos.


There's actually 5 Dungeons here exepting the tutorial.

Guard of PheliasEdit

The first Dungeon! The Forest of Witchcraft Elf Master Phelias is the first gate to the Cave of Lions

Domino ClanEdit

The Rameen High Chatain fields has been destroyed by the Domino Clan!

Magical Maze of SpellsEdit

Go to the Magical Maze of Spells where a lot of bad creatures live here. Cerise , the Spell Sage is looking at you.

Cave of LionsEdit

The Cave of lions is called that cause at the Rameen war, good lions lived here until one of Handus sons transform them into evil lions with the Shine Gold power.

Fire Rameens TowerEdit

The towers of Dark Fire are hunting Rameen High! The headmaster, Rucolus is playing as the boss!



One of former Cerise teamates, Helenna role in the village is to give you quests for any grade.


Junio is a achlemist and one of Valdeen teachers,Junio have a plan of the best potions and  disposable items.


Previously a Goldie Spirit Hatterzone member,Devin is a hatterman with a skill to create any weapon with old Shine gold skill beads.


All member of Raoul familly have been killed in a trip to the Pickle Island.So he inspires of this dramatic event to create his poet talents, anywas he is givin quest for grade 1 only.