Rameen High logo

The old Rameen Logo.Now, its used in the map for going to Rameen High.

Rameen High is  a school where every character in Goldie Spirits study in human form.But this school is normally for learn not only normal subjects, but also for making magic.


Its located at the center of the Rameen Village between the chatain fields, later the Domino Clan and the Fire Rameen Tower.



Gomma Larya , Mrs Valafy and Rucolus de Mustasio, Gaeth ,Leia Tich and Hourbooy are the only staff known.


Only 28 students are known, and only 12 students are not known to be in GSH as playable character to come.


Is known that the school is founded at -2013 by Handus Flus, One day the school is destroyed in 1321 by dragons that never return.