Rameen: A huge War
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Author Chantylie
Illustrator Unknown
Published on May 9
Published by None
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Ignite your Spirits Mystical Goldie Adventures
Rameen:A huge war is the fourth ebook coming May ,9.Its explain the foundation of Hatterzone academy, later know at Rameen High .


The Hatterzone village biggest and latest war is coming and Handus slaves, the Hatterzone Dragons, are beggining tried to work for Handus Flus. So to choose to start a tragedy that’s flip-up all GSH members! And after, Handus and the whole village are destroyed by these malefic dragons. And so they choose to create a portal to beggining free and happy for everyday! And learn more about GSH elements and existence.

Known CharactersEdit

Handus Flus



All Main 16 ( exept Willieen,Hunter,Sparrow)


Reshimi Nao

Tayleen Darp


Fanie Ellibennie 17x great mother

Fanie Ellibenie