The Questing System is a system Feature thats allow you to make Quests.These Quest are missions you need to make for have a reward.

History QuestsEdit

History Quests are compulsory quests thats allow you to progress on your level and story.These normaly give you a gain of Hatter Spark and Gold Nuggets.

Optional QuestsEdit

Optional Quest are quest thats like the name state, they  are optional so they give a smaller amount of Hatter Spark and Gold Nuggets.

Optional Quest UseEdit

Some Optional Quest  use is different that the other ones.

Skill QuestsEdit

These are quest of have a Skill Boosting or anything else with a skill link.

Event QuestEdit

These quest are related to the Event Quest

Daily QuestEdit

These quests are avalible once every 24 hours.More you make them, more the prizes will be better

Unlocking QuestsEdit

These quests are avalible at level 10(Main 16) 13(Group 5) 15(Group 6) 20(group 7-8) 22(neutral) 25(OP),They are for unlocking character whithout Platinium Coins.