PvP, abrevation of Player vs Player is a Game Battle System thats you fight with a oppenent. This one should attack you with skills along with you

PvP ModesEdit


The dual mode, aka 1vs1 is a mode without a team thats your are two and you need to fight toghether


The 2vs2 is a Team mode thats you are four ( two in each team) and you need to fight the two other (The opponent is not accurate from among the two)


This mode is pretty similar to the 2vs2 Mode in each team, you are three instead of two.Like the 2vs2 mode, the opponents are not specific from you and your teamates.

Survival ModeEdit

The survival Mode is  a non-team mode thats your are sevral people (4 to 8 people) thats you need to fight all of them.