As of the Renewal of 2015,protectors has been changed with Job Classes

Protectors are people who is controlling a specific element.Also, Protectors can have maximum 1 element.

How much elements can be acessed?Edit

They are 128 Elements in Rameen High and only 56 can be accessed in 2014 so thats mean we have 40 other elements.

List of owned elementsEdit

This is a list of items.

Faime: Hypnosis                   

Laggen: Poison

Spektray: Modern Lights

Sayn: Deeps


Pricillia: Core

Haideen: Midnight Magic

Dania: Black Bordeaux (Rose)

Kaezen: Mountain Sands

Gigi: Particles

Tairion: Black Dreams

Zendalaz: Wood Winds



Kenza: Dreamlights

Valdeen: Spellsbook

Sparrow: Bells Magic

Hunter  Grim Eye