Mana Potions are Potions that fill or have a special effect for your Mana.They are normaly rare, hard to find and luxious.​

List of Mana PotionsEdit

Normal Mana PotionsEdit

These are not really rare and the effect thats they fill your Mana.

Weak Mana PotionEdit

A weak, no-good and disposable mana potion. Fill 50 mana points

Normal Mana PotionEdit

A Normal Mana Potion that is frequently used. Fill 100 mana points

Great Mana PotionEdit

A pretty great Mana potion that is rarely used.Fill 175 mana points

Exellent Mana PotionEdit

A Extremely great Mana Potion that Fills 50% of the Mana you have.

Mana Exentions PotionEdit

These exented the mana number you have. Only Faymon Hapistairs can dig them but evry character can use them.

Normal Mana Exentions PotionEdit

This potion is well extremely Rare.They allow you to have 532 Mana!

Great Mana PotionEdit

The Great Mana Potion allow you to have 564 Mana!But these are soooo rare.

Mana Other EffectsEdit

These effects gave your mana different to the other ones.Some can event freeze!

Elemental Effect Mana Potion (promotional)Edit

This Potion gave to your Mana a element for 3 days

Elemental Effect Mana Potion (permanent)Edit

This potion gave to your Mana a Element permanetly.

Infinite Mana PotionEdit