Once upon a time, in the Rameen high, everybody lived in peace but after the heart was break from Faggën everybody flip-up.Gigi and Faime where hang-out in Goldfee Cafe for take a little dreamtastic hatpuccinoand a sandwich.-Gigi what do you want to say in the school elections? I am gonna tell thats i will organizate something like a girl-only slumber party! Cool and do not forget the movie!Yeah i hope Headmaster Mustasio will accept! Gomma Larya comme here, Goldies, its the end of the schoolday!Coming to Gigi's Lodge, Gigi is inviting Pricillia with her Goldphone.-Yeah i will come! When Pricillia cames the cames with Dania and Kenza.Cool, why not organizate a girl only Party?Thats a goold idea! But Tairion's lodge is just right there so...Who care about him! Lets find-out Chapter 2: Trouble We are in Friday, in Hillstory class at morning,Mr Hoorboy is saying " Every body should make a School Project about Element Heat.Everbody should know the Element Heat exept if you DINT study yesterday.Dania,Kenza,Pricillia,Gigi and Faime dint study overall.Hoorboy is seeing them, " Thats means you din't study goldies.. okay i won't punish you but will work without my help, hahaha.." Did you find thats funny?" answer Kenza.Yeah its is, now WORK! Instead working can me talk about Gigi's Slender Party? A Slender Party? answer Nowleen. Which slender party say Pricillia? we are talkin about The Element Heat,right.Now everybody listen! You need to talk about the Element Heat, i start by Gigi,Faime,Kenza,Pricillia and Dania Okaay.. The Element Heat is created by... Its not a creation Pricillia! say Nowleen.Oops, I mean its coposed of Its not a chemical tell Spektray! Hum, by checking on Laggens sheet, Dania is copying the same text: "Its a Heat caused by dragons lived the the Death golren, its burned every 5 secons and take the half of your heart, This heat is causen is 1321 in the Rameen Hign destroy." Did you have the same text as me say Laggen? Uh, i never know thats you have the same text.Nowleen is rasing her hand. Yes Nowleen, you can tell me everything you want. I knew it! Gigi,Faime,Kenza,Pricillia and Dania are making a secret girls only slumber party but they hide that! And they also stolen Laggen Text and dint work!. Chapter 3: In the Critique State ( second page)