Ignite your Spirit is the 3rd ebook on GSH.This book is talking about the headmaster is capturing Kenza and Hunter in the Death Gorlen but no GSH character can go here exept Sparrow.

Ignite your Spirits
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Author Party Poppets
Published on March 28th
Published by Our Generation
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The heart of my life Rameen: A huge War


One day, after Faime and Laggë¨n broke-up, the cruel headmaster choose to capture Kenza and Hunter in the Death Gorlen, he knows thats NO Rameen high student go here. Curses, Sparrow is accidently eat the Bad Fruit and Tadaa! She can go here to the garden.But here selfishness make here to do not help the GSH but her crush, Hunter is here.Reshimi , the head-master grand daughter is stoping Sparrows when she discovers she eat the legendairy fruit and ignite  a spiritual help, the Pets!To be contuned