The Hatterzone Dragons are 4 magical Dargons who are Handus slaves.The have the power of the 4 natural Elements.

The DragonsEdit


Julio is the dragon of earth and goodness , he is silent and have the powers to see in the dark.


Danple is the Dragon of Water and strength.He learns to ther future granddaughters and grandsons ,the Daplets, to be forceful and fearless.


Steelwin is the Dragon of wind and bravery, She is flye and learn to the Steelwings to  "be carried by the wind"


Deathen is the Dragon of fire and pride.She is happy and always want to be positive and want the hardest!

The WarEdit

In 1321, The dragon choose to be tired of beging slaves and choose to make something really bad for Handus Flus, destroy his school and kill him.