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Welcome to the Goldie Spirits Hatterzone WikiEdit

Hello! Welcome to the community of Goldie Spirits Hatterzone!This itsin't a real game.Its a community were you can edit!

How the wiki works?Edit

The wiki adopts courteous behavior towards visitors. Please ask an Admin to edit. If you want to propose ideas go to the idea center, on Party poppets user page. Begin by looking at the wiki and those of the Goldie family!


Featured Character
Hunter Ray, is the featured Character.See below
Featured User
PartyPoppets is the Featured User!

Also see:Edit

Now, in October, the wiki gonna have a book center where you can read some of the books as a ebook!The new book,Darkness Desire:Hatterzone's Destiny is gonna be out in October,3
Trademark Status
New Tradmarks:Leslie Diamonia,Enrikleen Valicient,Maikaila Valicient,Aureliea Dazmii.
Music Themes
Summer Lights full version is coming in August and a full track of Shine Gold, All Around GSH, this one and 2 other songs will be avalible in Early, December

Did you Know AboutEdit

Rozoelle Chibi on Generator

About Rozoelle Rakke?

That she is a skilled Dancer?

That can see in the dark?

That she ave a crush on Ethan, but the feeling is not mutual

Music can make her more powerful?

That her Goldie Cosplayer is Hanna Kleim

Goldie Media^^Edit

Check our Official Blog by a thakful Our Generation Worker:

Check the Blogpost!

this blogpost is bilingual (for French/English readers)

News CrewsEdit

Bookshelves are featured!Read a book for free right there!

Trademarks statusEdit

After the big Goldiecon revelations,tradmarks are marked at: Leslie Diamonia,Enrikleen Valicient,Maikaila Valicient,Aureliea Dazmii.

Following the Blog? Check the new tradmarks more fastly than the one in the wiki!

Discover other memeber of the Goldie Family!Edit

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