Gold Nuggets is the main currency of Goldie Spirits Hatterzone.They round gold beads thats you trade for items.In the wiki, the gold nuggets can be found in secret pages and blog posts.

How to get Gold nuggetsEdit

In the game,Gold Nuggets are easily foundable in Minigames and battles.Gold Nuggets is also gived at quests.

Also Gold Nuggets are foundable in the wiki!You can found them in pages and blog entries and you can get 10 gold nuggets by getting a bronze badge, 50 for a silver badge and 100 for a gold badge.

Expend Gold NuggetsEdit

The number of Gold nuggets you have is varied for every characters.Pets  can dig Gold Nuggets.

You can Expend Gold Nuggets by:

Buying Items;

Trade Them for Platinium Coins