As of the GSH Renewal.Fanie Elibennie is not the only one who can Recharge Mana.

Mana RechargingEdit

Mana Recharging the Fanie Elibennie feature .The System is to recharging Mana, useful for Fanie Skills , that use lot of mana.

How its workEdit

Its easy, but Fanie can use it only if she have  <400 mana and  at least 3 Mana bullets out of 6.When shes recharging her mana its do not take any bullets but when she making a skill its take the mana or the bullets depending on the skills.She can also summon her bullets for attacking.

How she make her bullets? She is making her bullets by filling her bar.Her pbar can be filled by Monsters, in PVP, she fills her bar when she attacking the opponent.Her bar fills bullets every time the bar is at 100/100.


  • Her mana bar is nameless but fans call the bar Energy Bar.
  • When the bar fills bullets and bullets, the bar becomes more difficult to fill