After the Ignite your Spirits success, Goldie Spirits finaly ended-up with a list of Elemental Effects.

Primary EffectsEdit


Burn effect appears when you use fire. The normal percentage of burning is 30%.The burn effect allow the prey to drop on HP and MP.

Burn causesEdit

  • Hit By Faime attacks


Freezing effect appears when you use ice, like Burning, the percentage is the same.The freeze allow the prey to do not move and drop on MP .

Frezzing causesEdit

  • Hit By Sayn attacks


The stock appears when you use loud attacks like the Dreamflames, mini-earthquakes ect...The percentage is 40%. Its allow the prey to highly drop on HP and its moves slowly.Inflict Knockdown.

Stock causesEdit

  • Hit by Dreamflammes


.Its appears when you use electrickmagic .Its have the normal percentage is 30%.Its allow the prey to move slowly and have a decrased Speed and Mega Hits.

Paralisys causesEdit

  • Hit By Specktrays attacks


It appears when you get poisoned by attacks.The persantage is 30,5% (40,75% with Laggën)

Poison causesEdit

  • Hit by Laggën attacks

Secondairy  EffectsEdit

They apairs rarely and do less inportant effects.


Like the name states, Sleeping effect make you sleep and  and have a constant drop of MP every  10 seconds. Its can be heal by getting stocked or Paralised. The percentage is low , 10%. 

Slepping causesEdit


You are getting confuse that reverse your skills and touches.

Confused CausesEdit


You are getting traped thats  means you can move until the Trapbar Counter is to 0. 

Traped causesEdit


The Bleeding appears when you use bladed attacks like Gigi, Sayn,Hunters attacks.Its allow the prey to drop on MP and moves slowly.The Percentage for this is 30,5%

Bleeding causesEdit


The Cursed elemental effect appears when you use Enchancements.The prey is drained ( drained= lost HP and give the losted HP to the one who cause the curse) and moves slowly. The percentage depend of  the echancement and the skill but its normaly 30%.

Curses causesEdit

Chain Break Edit

  • Weapon Attack decrased
  • Inaffective for noted OP charcters

Chain break causesEdit


  • The Speed is lower
  • The Magical Defence is lower

Moonshock causesEdit

  • Be hit by Gigi's Moon Arrows

Blue Fire BlazeEdit

  • High drop of HP
  • Can die with this
  • The Physical and magical Attack is very low

Blue Fire Blaze causesEdit


  • High drop of MP
  • The targets seems to die and sometimes attacks don't work.

Hallucinations CausesEdit

  • Hit by Kenza's attacks
  • Hit by Kaipynn Attacks

Light ShineEdit

  • Target's Attacks and Magic Attacks decrased

Light Shine causesEdit

  • Be hit by Yazmine Light Balls attacks
  • Be hit by Tiger Eye attack
  • Be hit by Shroomgamma Alpha's shoots

Heart AttackEdit

  • High drop of MP
  • Movement Spped,Weapon Attack decrased

Heart Attack causesEdit

  • Be hit by Hippo attacks with the Concentration Heartsol Dimetion attacks
  • Be hit by Dark Julio attack Spinig round