The Death Gorlen ( or Death Garden) is a garden created by Reshimi and the Headmaster. Its says thats no one can go until Sparrow is eating the Bad Fruit. Its close to Rameen High and Pets can go there.


Its says: «The Death Gorlen is one of the darkest place, The plants are extremely dagerous and toxic.When Shine Gold is coming here, the garden is making a tornado. Reshimi wanted to erase it but her grand father would kill Reshimi if she erase. but it was a chance to 1 over 1,000,000,000,000,000 to erase it. When reshimi has try to erase it, her blood becomes Purple and the The Death Golren is taking the ¼ of the school.


In Ignite your spirits, Kenza and Hunter got to here without eating the bad fruit to get trapped. The reason is strange.