Darkness Desire:Hatterzone Destiny
Vital statistics
Author Evelynn Garaces
Illustrator Evelynn Garaces
Published on October,3
Published by FanMad
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Hatterzone Rocks N/A
Darkness Desire:Hatterzone Destiny is the second book of the bookline Mystical Goldie Adventures.This time a separate activity and prologue book will be avalible.


The Collamber City Gales have been destroyed to got the Hatter's Zone Magical Source,Haiyna,Hippo,Cookie and Ethan goes with the group to find wheres its come from!

Featured CharactersEdit

This is inspired of the publisher's and author worklist and the book itself.

Book AvabilityEdit

In October,3 The book will be avalible as a ebook on the GSH Wiki BookCenter