In Goldie Spirits Hatterzone, 36 characters are avalible, all of these have they unque style of fighting and look. They are divised in groups, containing 4 character each, exept the 5th group with 8 chracters.Also all chracters who has been relased from January 2014 to February 2014 (1,2,3,4th groups) are in a major group called the Main 16.Also these are in the popular 3-month event, Customising the top (CTT).

Group 1Edit

Faime LabbornEdit

The first Character.Faime Labborn is a great back-party girl, she is searching for anything that can bright her day, and every time she see fire she throws a fireball but don't worry, that could help sometimes

Laggën De HarrenziEdit

The second Character.Laggën is not pround of everything.He joker but trying to be friends with Faime is hard for him,he still have good friendship.

Spektray GarombeEdit

Spektray, also known as Hailey in the comics, is a girl that you need in every party.She is a party DJ and have a older brother named Sailerion.She is liked by everybody and awlays smiling.

Sayn YaholdEdit

Sayn is a shy boy with a shining armor, he is the next Abyss King,he is from royal blood, but dosen't want to sit on throne and learn how to be a king, since he is more a knight than a king.

Group 2Edit

Pricillia HazeEdit

She is neutral but smart also.The emotionless Pricillia is not the best laughing machine.She is shy and sensitive, but have a sweet voice and kind emotions.

Haideen  KeebenzEdit

He is serious and attends no one of Spektrays party.Haideen is easy angry and prefers stay at his lodge than go outdoors.But he is...loyal and honest.

Dania PerezidesEdit

Dania is a young girl who is cute and enjoys cupcakes and cakes.She is a vampire-sweet Deathtie.Dania is also a hop-in-down heart girl, that mean she can't be annoyed, exept in some classes.

Kaezen TichEdit

Kaezen Tich is a boy that enjoys summer and play at the sun.He is Sun-resistant and he is kind and a big heart person that haves a 24/24h connection on Spiritchat Blog.

Group 3Edit

Gigi HailiboEdit

The funny,happy and Faime BFF moon acher, Gigi is very Back-Party girl that have a great look for fashion!She is very very cutie!

Tairion BaydgeEdit


Zendalaz TaypozEdit

Wilieen IzzanEdit

Group 4Edit

Kenza SaykerEdit

Valdeen JunelEdit

Sparrow von Ellias JulioEdit

Hunter RayEdit

5th GroupEdit

Reshimi NaoEdit

Tayleen DarpEdit

Nowleen GaleEdit

Faymon HapistairsEdit

6th GroupEdit

Rozoelle RakkeEdit

Mikky LowrzEdit

Fanie ElibennieEdit

Terri-Vann ElphenixEdit

7th GroupEdit

Widonna ArivenaEdit

Harvey LansonetEdit

Yazmine OlephynasEdit

Sailerion GarombeEdit

Sailerion is a quiet person but a very friendly one.He have a gain for curiosity and that doesen't bother if his sister is popular since he have a popular blog called Night Caster.

8th GroupEdit


9th GroupEdit


10th GroupEdit