In Goldie Spirits Hatterzone, only 8 chracters can be used at start.All the others Characters should be Unlocked.

Free CharactersEdit

Faime,Laggën,Hailey,Sayn,Pricillia,Haideen,Dania,Kaezen are the free chracters, theres don't need a unlocking quest.These can be not very epic and hard on combos.

Ulnockable CharactersEdit

All characters after Kaezen(Gigi,Tairion ect..) are Unlockable thats mean they can't be used at start you need to have a Unlocking Quest to get them and they are pretty cool on combos and style.If your are to lazy for quest you can buy them for Platinum Coins.

Unlocking difficultEdit

Yes, we all know, more the character rank ( example Gigi characters rank is 9) is highter,more its will be a difficulty to have them for quests and they Platinum Coin pricie is highter.So, Fanie will be harder to uncklock than Zendalaz.