The Character Skills are atatcks thats that charater use for PvE or PvP.These can be powerful but some less powerful attacks.The Over-Powered Characters have powerfuller skills but they are hard to upgrade.

Skills TreesEdit

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The Skills Trees are the cycle of skills and Skills Upgrades.They are normaly have 2 skills and you need to choose one of the two, some are one main skill. You can have a skill every 5 levels.

Skill UpgradesEdit

The Skill upgrades are upgrading your Skill level. The level are from 1 to 20 ( No Skill Boosting) 21 to 40 ( Skill bosting 1) 41 to 60 ( Extra Skill Boosting )

How to UpgradeEdit

You can easily upgrade them with the Shine Gold Skill Beads by clicking on the skill you wanna upgrade and its will upgrade your skill to 1 level. If you have a Skill Boosting you can upgrade it with the Valafy Skill Moss.