The Characters Groups are groups divised for the Goldie Spirits Hatterzone Character Organization.All of the groups are containing 4 characters.

Main 16 GroupsEdit

The main 16 is a big group of 4 groups of 4 characters. Its was celebrated in February, 21 and featured in a Song called All around GSH.The half of the Main 16 characters are the only free characters avalible.

Group 1Edit

The first group was revaled in January to public at the GSH Grand countdown mostly in January 24, its composed of Faime, Specktray,Laggën and Sayn. All of the apparences of the 4 characters were revamped in April.

Group 2Edit

The second group was revaled few days after the Group 1 and its composed of the less-detailed characters: Pricillia,Haideen,Kaezen and Dania.All of these gonna be revamped in July.

Group 3Edit

The Group 3 is the first group of unlockable characters featuring Gigi,Tairion,Wilieen and Zendalaz. Gigi and Tairion were revaled in January-February.And Zendalaz and Wilieen were revealed in Customizing the Top , one of the longest and hottest events.

Group 4Edit

The fourth group is the last group of  The main 16 featuring Hunter,Sparrow,Valdeen and Kenza