• NebuliaRose


    February 21, 2016 by NebuliaRose

    Lol, GSH seemed like shit in the begining. I laughted so hard. God bless Rickie Lauren, that guy who will change GSH. OG is shit. After making a Steven Universe ripoff, a Monster High ripoff, ruining GSH agian is no.

    That guy here is supossed to look evil. He loks more like a fuckboy.

    REALLY? GSH is downgrading fast down. The plot is fine. OUR GENERATION IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM!

    And they fail. It wasn't a real company. How a company with twenty-two dollars can actually work? Goldiecon was a joke. It's just a party made for the OG WORKERS ONLY with stupid reaveals. I am looking for LunarCon or whatever else shit coming next week.


    Lunar Foundation is just a group of artists whp draw not for fun, not for fame, for INSPIRATION A…

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  • PartyPoppets

    Lunar Foundation is a company that helped us revive Goldie Spirits for 2015-2016. During 2014-2015, the 3 wikis has been inactive, but we want to change that.Goldie Spirits Hatterzone gonna revive fuse with Shynixins and Starlight Island in the GSH wiki.

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  • Chantylie

    Renewal Blogs Part 1

    August 23, 2015 by Chantylie

    Hi guys!Since the wiki has been inactive for a year, we decided to re-make the wiki.The renewal will be split into sevral steps included in blogs.The blogs will be avalible in the Blogpost too.

    Yes.8 GSH character has been deleted.They has been deleted for their lack of popularity.The following Character are:

    Kenza Sayker

    Gigi Hailibo

    Rozoelle Rakke

    Fanie Elibennie

    Haideen Keebenz

    Tayleen Darp

    Terri-Vann Elphenix

    Valdeen Junel

    However, they will be remplaced with NEW character to be revealed in the Part 2 of the renewal.

    The OP character system has been erased because making OP character are just unfair.However all the OP character stays, just with differenet statics.

    Elements has been Deleted.Because of confusion and complexity.

    Races (Juliothorius,Da…

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  • PartyPoppets


    April 18, 2015 by PartyPoppets

    Returning to the wiki someday!Not today beacause i am on the Bronies Wiki now :)

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  • Chantylie

    And..YEAH!GSH is coming to have a OFFICIAL SITE! and a Google+ Page! Now you can follow more exclusive info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey since the sites are for the FRANSHISE not the WIKI, the sites will be powered by a OG worker!

    PLEAAAASE! Follow us on G+ for more INFO!!!!

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  • Chantylie

    Welcome! Its chantylie! And this time the ETIRE SHEDULE HAVE BEEN RELASED!Best new ever!To celebrate this, we need to all around duscover re-names and all beatiful new about our favorites!!!!!!!!!!!

    In Hatterzone Rocks, a list of the 32 elements is avalible in the activity part.Well, some of the elements name have been CHANGED FOREVER!!!!!(100% of all new names are better than the older ones)

    Faime:Hypnotis-Blazing Aura


    Dania:Black Rose-Shadow Sweets

    Gigi:Particle-Moon Aura

    Reshimi:Shine Gold-Shine Gold Aura

    Faymon:Bronze Lights-Shimmer Bronze


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  • Chantylie

    A LOOOOOOOOOT of charcters have been relased during the one and only GOLDIECON (This is not a official name) A cute, kawaii boy who dreams to be a dragon,a sassy piki fairy, 2 dark legends, new staff members? Well,THIS IS SO COO-LLLL!

    Revealed at Goldiecon, Hippo and Brianna are by almost 500 people the best characters, why?They are just so Fabelooooous!

    If you were at Goldiecon, you will know whats a "piki fairy" but like the most of Wikians,iyou don't know that  weird "Ikletian" term.Well according to Brianna decription in the book,Hatterzone Rocks, its says "Every Ikletian is a Mastermind of Anything, they can choose they own powers and rule the world at their own way, but with Brianna, theres something weird about her, she have the sames…

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  • Arimiona

    I am not really familiar with this Wiki but i surely can do something :P

    YEAH Party tell me that the wiki is founded A half year ago?  i don't know, but theres wil be a GOLDIE SPIRITS HATTERZONE PARTY! But its real life, you can't attend it ;p, But in the party, who is almost big to tell it a Goldiecon, You will know all about future GSH (MEANING:Spoilers) and even a mini theatre.  So, I,Chanty,Party and other workers (☺ OG workers) will Party all DAY! WHOO!

    Oh no, school is coming soon! BUT WE NEED TO LIVE IT UP NOW! (eah reference) so i will Edit like a Dragon (meaning:edit all days) and broke the keyboard.(hey hey i am in a computer:) but i use my phone tho) And not! i don't think if we gona have Group VIII at this time, badly,. -crying- be…

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  • PartyPoppets

    Chantylie explain you in a previous blog post that in all 36 characters will be playable in Goldie Spirits Hatterzone.But it's was revealed completely false beacause 40 and not 36 characters beacause its says  in a advertissement "10 Hatsome groups will be at GSH! From Faime to (anti-spoil filter :)) a LOOOOOOOT of Characters will come!"  So 10x4:40 :D.

                                    ....BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT.....

    Theres ONE group, the 5th Group, who have 8 CHARACTERS! But ( this is the tenth time i said "But" ;|) its breaking the RULE of having 4 characters in 1 group, right??

    So me and some friendly bloggers are think about something.Rozoelle,Mikky,Fanie, Terri-Vann change group, now Rozo ,Mikky ,Fanie andTerri-Vann are in th…

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  • Chantylie

    Yess! 6th group is coming soon and i am very HAPPPPPPPPPPY  cause all of them have special things! I never see a half-robot in Rameen high! And they are sooooo CUTEE! And theres also the 7th and 8th group shedule!

    36 CHARACTERS IN GSH FOR 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (4(G1)4(G2) 4(G3) 4(G4) 8(G5) 4(G6) 4(G7) 4 (G8))

    i am very exited to see all Goldie spirits haterzone from Faime to ??.

    Widonna Arivena

    GREAT!widonna is GREAT 8)

    Harvey Lansonet

    HARVEY LANSONET = Sparrows cousin?

    Yazmine Olephynas

    Olephynas is a great legendairy name.Probaly a godess?

    Sailerion Garombe

    THE BEST FOR THE END! Garombe=Spektray Garombe (brothers&sisters) That so cool!

    All of these are superly cool!

    Partpopets is coming soon to the wiki!She is just a little bit occuped.

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  • Chantylie

    YEAH YEAH YEAH!Now  my little GSH character skills has been RELASED! Party is in vacations and when she gonna come to the wiki,She will be like....100 PAGES! Why, we need 12 other pages! and a big wiki revamp...

    ♥Yeah, we only have 3 character skills BUT,  i am T_T  when the skills have come out ^^

    Flower Bubble: Fanie

    WHAT! SHE IS COPYING ZENDA'S , Taylee-chan and Laggon's element! BTW, thats sound weird to me..

    Grim Slices:Hunteer!

    YUS! Thats what i am waiting for... A Ternelle-Grim Reaper themed attack!

    Meteor Shower:Gigi-chan..

    HAPPY, HAPPY, I AM SO HAPPY TO have a Gigi Skill! Now let's go to carbonise Sparrow with this F*ckin awesom attack!


    A new Doll LINE By Goldie Spirits avalible on the Adoptables Wiki! Meet Nowleen as So…

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  • Chantylie

    Four!4!New characters! Faymon,Rozoelle ( Ro-zo-wale),Mikky and Fanie! This huge character combo is devoiled by one of our anonymous bloggers.Sorry for the long break and we left the April Fool Events.

    But Easter is comin' and a contest is avalible! With gen8 ChibiMAKER, create a easter diguise for your fav character!And The ingnite your spirit extrait is avalible here.

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  • Chantylie

    Yeah! New tradmarks! When the Ignite your spirits book gonna be relased, we gonna have not 8 but 16 other characters! and also Pets are coming soon! with the all aroud GSH song!

    Reshimi Nao is a character coming soon in Spring! She is the Headmaster grand-daugther.

    Tayleen Darp; Kaiwaii! YES i want a KAWAII BOY! i cross my fingers! He coming soon in Spring like Reshi-chan!

    Thats all we know.

    Now, everybody know thats Xattoo is NOT Kenza teddy,  is Zenda's Squirel! 

    Kaipynn sound like a Firefox name! And Faime pet is a Firefox, and her french name is Kaypson ( very familliar)

    Subbers is Kenza teddy at 99.99%! BEACAUSE! Subbers remind me of Tibbers from LoL and Tibbers is a Giant teddy! SO thats why!

    Fifi is a Kawaii name! Surely Danias pet but her…

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  • PartyPoppets

    Faime is one of the less liked characters in January.So me and Our Generation choose to revamp Faime Personnality+Apparence.

    1.Faime Personnality gonna be like Gigi

    2.She gonna use a another element, Hypnosis.

    3.She gonna be more cute☺

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  • Chantylie

    Hihi! I am happy to get 24 Characters in April!So thats mean we gonna have 8 new Characters! I don't who they are but i want a Sunshine girl! In a private video, Poppy (PartyPoppets) show me theres will be Zendalaz cousin in these 8 new.And i also want 8 others in May!

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  • PartyPoppets

    I got SUPER COOL NEWS! Students will get pets! When i listen to this sentence i see a super easy Easter Egg!

    (Taken from "The art of Us")

    Faime,do you want some copany with Laggën?


    I got a daily work in the Pet care and its will be super cool! Get furries free!

    Ah cool! I will take one, but latter Pricillia.

    So thats mean Pricillia is taking a Pet Care? Interessing!

    (Taken from "The art of Us")

    Mrs Hourboi yell to me

    Mrs Hourboi? Its sound like a Teacher! Wich subject you think he is Teaching?

    Gomma Larya show me  the eating time who ended.

    Sound like Ms. Kindergrubber from Monster High!

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