In February 28, in the honor to celebrate the 16 characters, a song named All Around Goldie Spirit Hatterzone make is apparence.



This night i am livin' something pretty cool (ooool)

This night, gonna be the best ever!


We are the Party in all

We gonna Pop Pop the world

Cuz we are...

All around Goldie Spirits!

Swirls and trown

Make your mark

Pep and sound

Go off the dark

We are the party in all ( oh oh oh)

We gonna pop pop the world

Cause we are all around GSH

Goldie Spirits Hatterzone 3x

Yeah Yeah!

We are the Party in all

We gonna Pop pop the world ( pop pop the world)

All our other fifteen friends

Becauz' we are all around GSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

«All» Around GSH 2x